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Your First Car Camping Trip

You are planning to go camping for the first time. Or it has been years since you went camping.
For your first camping trip, it should be no more than an hour from your home. Depending on the time of the year, many campgrounds get “booked up” quickly, so once you have decided on a campground, make the reservation right away.
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For your first camp trip we suggest leaving home early in the morning, staying overnight and leaving camp and heading home the following mid-morning.
Choose a campground that offers amenities such as a camp store, showers and laundry services. Make sure the campsites will have a car parking and camping area with a fire pit or ring, picnic table, a canopy, nearby water tap and toilet facilities.
For activities check for attractions, such as hiking trails, a nature center, and a lake or stream nearby for fishing.
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What should you bring on your camping trip?
You should start with the things you already have in your home.
One of the first things you will need is a tent. Try to borrow a tent from a friend, buy a used one from the thrift store, or buy a cheap summer tent. Click for information on tents
As a new camper, it is suggested to go to a campsite with at least a wood firepit. Some campsite may have a charcoal Bar B Que grill too. If you do not want to cook with wood or charcoal, you should buy a two – burner propane stove.
For breakfast, scramble some eggs, fry up some bacon, brown some toast on your camp stove, served with orange juice or hot coffee. All the perishable items can be brought and kept cool in a large (get a 48-quart size to start) ice chest, making it easy to transport and store. Keep ice in the plastic bags, it will last longer.
If you have kids, instant hot cereal or cold cereal would be a good choice too.
For lunch cold cuts and chips would to fine. You may not have much time to cook because you might be out enjoying nature or some fun activity.
For dinner hamburger or hot dog would do fine. You can test your cooking over a fire with these two meats. Grilling corn or bake potatoes in aluminum foil will help make your dinner easier.
For snacks you can buy some smores.

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