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Stargazing is a great nighttime activity for campers. Campers can enjoy stargazing just about anywhere. The canopy of stars is almost tranquillizing. Stargazing is one of the few nighttime activities that let you get away from your nightly routine.
Your eyes or a pair of binoculars are enough to keep you busy for a lifetime.
With binoculars you’ll be able to see much more. Craters and ‘seas’ are visible on the Moon

To really get started, here are some of the most basic items you will need:
Star map: let you identify and locate astronomical objects such as stars, constellations and galaxies.
Binoculars: A pair of 10 x 50 binoculars is really all you need to see deep into the night sky.
Red Flashlight:  Use a red flashlight to provide visibility while your eyes are dark-adapted.

Some great places for stargazing:

  • Red Rock Canyon State Park, Kern County, California
  • Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah (Note – This is the first place to be named an International Dark Sky Park)
  • Bridgeport, Mono County, California
  • Badlands National Park, South Dakota
  • Joshua Tree National Park, California
  • Sunset Campground, Utah
  • Hole In The Wall, Mojave National Preserve, California
  • Twin Lakes State Park, Virginia
  • Mesquite Springs Campground Death Valley National Park, California

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