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Sleeping Bags

Types of Sleeping Bags
The two main shapes of sleeping bags are rectangular and mummy.  Rectangular-shaped sleeping bags are suitable for camping in tempered climates. These bags are considered the comfortable by many as they more closely duplicate you bed at home. If you choose 2 bags with compatible zippers, it’s easy to mate them and create a double bed. You can lay 2 bags on a queen-size air mattress for the utmost in outdoor sleeping comfort. These bags are bulky and heavy compared to the other types of bags. Rectangular bags offer more room to change positions during the night, but create a lot more air space that your body needs to heat up.
In a nutshell, rectangular sleeping bags are;
· Good warm-weather bags.
· Heavy and bulky, making them a poor choice for backpacking.
· Best for sleepers who like unrestricted movement and need to move around a lot.
· Almost always hoodless.
· Usually inexpensive.
· Great as makeshift comforters when fully unzipped.
Mummy-shaped sleeping bags offer more protection in colder climates because they are shaped to the body and do not allow as much cold air to enter the sleeping bag. It is the most popular bags in the backpacking world, mummy bags are a must for cold nights and high altitudes. They may seem overly snug, but you’ll appreciate that cozy, warm fit during a night when the mercury plummets. Mummy bags are widest at the shoulders and taper down to a narrower head and footbox.
Mummy bags are;
· The best bags for colder weather.
· Extremely lightweight because they use less material than other bags.
· Able to offer maximum warmth due to less dead air space.
· Somewhat restrictive due to a narrower design, making sleep difficult for some.
· Always offered with an insulated hood for added warmth.
· The most expensive category of sleeping bags.

Temperature rating for Sleeping Bags
Your metabolism can differ from another person which makes it hard to find the right sleeping bag for your needs. When choosing a sleeping bag remember that the temperature rating of a sleeping bag is identified at the lowest temperature the bag is able to keep the user warm. If you have to pick a sleeping bag based on temperature, choose the one that has a temperature rating that is slightly lower than the lowest possible temperature you are anticipating to encounter outside. When the temperature gets higher, you can vent the sleeping bag to keep cool.
Sleeping bags are usually categorized by 3 types:
Summer Season temperature rating   =   +35⁰ and higher
3-Season temperature rating = +10⁰ to +35⁰
Winter temperature rating = +10⁰ and lower
Manufacturer’s assigns rating based on their research. Temperature ratings may not be exact.

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