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Quick and Easy Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are one of the most all-around dishes for breakfast.
Here is a quick and easy scrambled egg recipe.
4 Eggs (2 Eggs per person)
¼ cup milk or dry milk
2 teaspoon butter, vegetable oil, or cooking spray
Salt and pepper to taste
Crack the eggs into a small bowl.
Add ¼ cup milk or dry milk
Add Salt and pepper to taste (optional), You can add after coking
Using a fork/whisk, beat until blended
Light beating produces more dense scrambled eggs. Vigorous beating aerates the eggs, resulting in lighter fluffier eggs.
Heat the 2 teaspoon butter, vegetable oil or cooking spray in a skillet until hot over a fire.
Pour in egg mixture.
Cook until edges are just starting to cook.
Lift and fold eggs toward center.
Scramble (do not stir constantly) the eggs gently until most are cooked and appears soft or slightly runny.
Remove skillet from fire, continuing scrambling eggs a minute more.
Remember the heat retained in the pan will continue to cook and firm up the eggs after the pan is removed from heat.
Serve immediately from skillet.

Top with a sprinkle of shredded cheese or dried herbs.
Tryout different flavors, stir a teaspoon of your favorite salad dressing, salsa or herb into the egg mixture.
Try not to use cast iron when cooking eggs. It can turn the eggs into a greenish color. This color is the result of a chemical reaction between iron in the pan and sulfur in egg whites. The eggs are safe to eat. They may look unappetizing to some people.

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