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Portable Collapsible Washing Machine


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Portable Collapsible Washing Machine


A collapsible washing machine with a washing drum capacity of 8 or more liters. This indicates the amount of water the machine can hold during the washing process.

This capacity is suitable for washing very few clothes at a time, such as a t-shirt, underwear’s, baby clothes or small items. It’s not designed for washing larger items or multiple garments simultaneously.

This portable collapsible washing machine will be a versatile addition to any home, camping, recreational vehicle, emergency or dorm room.

Keep your clothes clean and free of bacteria with the built-in ultraviolet sterilization function, ensuring a hygienic wash every time.

Noise reduction feature allow for a peaceful and quiet wash.

The Portable Collapsible Washing Machine is perfect for small spaces and travel, making it easy to wash your clothes on-the-go.

Capacity Sizes (8 or 9) liters

Colors: (Green, Purple)

1 – Portable Collapsible Washing Machine
Operating Voltage: 110V (included)


Green 8 Liters, Purple 8 Liters, Green 9 liters, Purple 9 liters


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