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50pcs Fishing Clips & Snaps


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50pcs Fishing Clips & Snaps


High Strength: Made of durable stainless-steel material, these fishing clips are strong enough to hold onto your catch without breaking or bending.

Versatile: Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, these connector snaps swivels can be used with a variety of fishing gear and accessories.

Easy to Use: The simple design of these clips makes them easy to attach and detach from your fishing line, saving you time and hassle on the water.

Convenient: With 50 pieces included in each set, you’ll have plenty of fishing clips to last you through multiple fishing trips.

Improve Your Fishing Experience: Upgrade your fishing gear with these high-quality stainless steel fishing clips and enjoy a more successful and enjoyable fishing experience.

Small – 1.8cm/0.71in
Medium – 2.5cm/0.98in
Large – 3cm/1.18in


Small – 1.8cm/0.71in, Medium – 2.5cm/0.98in, Large – 3cm/1.18in


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