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Notify Someone-Let someone know your destination, how far and how long you will be gone. There should also be details left in your vehicles of what trail or campsite you will be at and estimated time of arrival back to vehicle.

Weather- Checking the weather is very important, nature is unpredictable in the mountain, desert and the forest . The weather can often change quickly and dramatically. In general is it good to be prepared for any conditions that you might face by carrying the right gear, checking weather websites, and the park authority for your state.

Test driving your equipment –Take your equipment out at home and set it up. Make sure it functions. You do not want to get to your destination and not know how to use your equipment.

Bring a map/ Guide book/Compass –Understanding the topography is important. Know when and where there are ridges, terrains, sand, river, lakes. Know where the nearest road or phone is located.  

Arriving at Camp Site-Leaving your home on time is critical; you never know what can happen along the way to your adventure. Avoid leaving late so that arriving at a camp site late will not be a spoiler of your trip.

Check Campfire policy-Campfires are a big part of camping; it is the highlight of your trip! Having a campfire is also essential for cooking your food and staying warm. It is very important that you check to make sure where you are going there are fire rings or BBQs pits. Your local fire authority website will have information on the fire bans.

Choosing the Tent Site-Taking the time to choose a site to set your tent up can prevent a lot of disaster’s that could cause your trip to be stressful and filled with frustration. Find a flat and dry space

Animal Dangers – You should be aware of the wild animal threats in the area.

Hydration/ Drinking water – Bring extra water bottles.

Good sleeping bag/Pad-Choosing a sleeping bag with or without insulating materials is important because every person body temperature runs differently. Use some thought on what you buy and know the camping style you are about to embark on.

First aid kit-It is best to bring a first aid kit you made because you can put all the items you think you may need. Aspirin, tweezers, antiseptic ointment, gauze, Band-Aids are just an example.

Extra Layers /clothes-Bring appropriate weather proof clothing in case the weather changes. Be prepared for the unexpected. A well prepared trip could potentially prevent illness.

Securing Food/Bear Canister-Food left out not properly stored could bring havoc to the camp site by attracting animals. Canned food can be kept in a trunk and perfumed items can be kept in a bear canister. Never feed or approach wildlife as it could cost you your life.

Camping Equipment/ Tools-Bring extra equipment like lighters, sun protection, navigation, multi-tool nutrition, head light, duct tape, plastic bags.

Pack it in; Pack it out-Whatever you bring to the campsite you should also leave with it. Leave the site clean. Be respectful of the environment it’s beauty and considerate of other visitors.

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