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vehicles in flood waters

Flash Flood

Flash Flood

Most campers will not have any problems with a little rain and getting wet is a part of the camping experience. Rains can be a serious danger to campers. Campers travel to or from by car or motorized on non-motorized motor home.  Flash floods can be just as dangerous as thunderstorm. People died from trying to drive through rising waters.

Here are some tips in recognizing a flash flood situation:

  • If there are thunderstorms in your area stay away from streams and low water crossing. Water can rise many feet in minutes. Even if you can swim the water may be too treacherous for a swimmer. It can knock you off your feet thus you end up in a very dangerous situation.
  • Never drive into water if you don’t know exactly how deep the water is, rapidly-rising water can overtake a vehicle easily before the driver can react. It only takes about 18-24 inches of water to float most vehicles. Once the vehicle is afloat, it is out of the driver’s control.
  • There are changes that fast moving water could have trees, floating objects, and even boulders rolling along just under the surface. If you are struck by this debris, your vehicle can be knocked off a bridge or water crossing and swept away before you know it.

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