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First Aid

Having a First Aid Bag is one of the most important pieces of items you should have when you are camping. In most situations you should be OK when camping at a recreational campground. These campgrounds usually have a workamper who can help in a minor emergency.

There will be many situation where you will not have a workamper for help. You cannot always keep someone from getting hurt, but you may be able to help them when they get a minor injury while camping. By not having a first aid bag, a minor injury or illness can ruin a camping trip.

If you are planning to camp more than twice a year or longer than three days, then we recommend that you have a acampx first aid bag.

ACAMPX First Aid Bag can treat minor ailments or more serious injuries thus helping to reduce the risk of infection or the severity of the injury. The first aid bag will usually be around the family at all times.  This bag is  at the campsite, in the vehicle and group backpacking in the backcountry. You can also keep your first aid bag in a designated location at home. The acampx first aid bag should be put in an easy to access location so that anyone can use the bag in the case of an injury.

The first aid bag is easy for everyone to open. A red cross patch is on the bag so it easily identifiable. The acampx first aid bag can be strapped to the body to free your hands. This is really important if you are walking for any length of time.

We have a photo illustration of ACAMPX First Aid Bag below. There are over 130 items in the bag.  If there is an item you think should be added to the list, or any first aid suggestions, please let us know.