Bird Watching

Here are steps you can take to get started in bird watching

Get some binoculars.
First borrow, and then buy, a pair. If you are intent on buying your own binoculars you should investigate and test them out first.
Look for binoculars that are waterproof, focus easily, and have at least 8x magnification and a 30 to 42mm front lens (which dictates the light gathering capability). So when you see “8×32” or “10×42,” those will work well.

Get a bird guide.
Look through it before you go out for the first time. Don’t try to memorize all the birds — learn about bird families (swallows, raptors, warblers, flycatchers, herons, etc) to narrow your search down when you are out and about and birds are flying by. Birds are fast and often don’t stand still.

Sit at your campsite or take a walk.
You will find that there are many birds flying or sitting in your viewing area. Walk slowly, quietly, look and LISTEN for birds (that will usually be your first hint they are there).

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