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The source for backpacking gear reviews, outdoor skills information and advice, and destinations for backpacking, camping and hiking. Plan trips, download hikes, find gear, and learn outdoor and survival skills.

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backpacker magazine


started in 1980 and is published bi-monthly. We are dedicated to preserving Old Frontier living, primitive hunting and fishing, tool and weapons lore, and wilderness survival. Each issue includes articles, information and how-to projects associated with this unique period of North American history.

Types of articles you’ll find in our magazine..

  • How to build shelter, canoes, firearms and bow-and-arrows
  • How to fabricate clothing, create tools and other gear necessary for life on the frontier
  • Survival techniques, fire-building, cooking
  • Primitive hunting and fishing
  • Indian lore

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Backwoodsman magazine


Dedicated exclusively for all motorized RVs. Every month you get expert RV product advice, how-to-technical, and destination information and ideas that are guaranteed to make your RV travels easier, safe and a lot more fun!

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Trailer Life

Presents RVing at its best. Every issue gives you vehicle tests, travel tips, must-have products and services, RV tech and new model sections. From folding camping trailers to fifth-wheels, from pickup campers to motorhomes, plus the vehicles suitable for towing, Trailer Life tests them all.

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