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Camping Knots

Knots knowledge and use are a must for campers, explorers, sailors, climbers to name a few. You will use some kind of knot whenever you setup or breakdown your equipment.   The proper knot could save you in a life threatening situation or keep your equipment from coming loose. If it is not used properly it can hurt or kill. You should learn how to tie knots properly and where to use them.

Knot – a tie made in a rope and mostly requires the manipulation of only one end. Both ends can be used when the rope is short enough.
Hitch – for attaching a rope to another object.
Bend – involves joining two ropes so that they can stand the strain of being used as one rope.

Here are some safety tips:

  • Always handle rope with care, inspect and test any knot tied.
  • Never try to control a heavily loaded rope with your bare hands
  • Never stand or put any body part in a loop or a bight of a rope which may suddenly tighten, like a tow line.
  • Avoid deliberately wrapping a line\rope around your hand to get a better grip.

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