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Everyone has their own ideal as to what is camping. It can be going out into nature with one or two items to going out into nature in a large mobile home with all the modern technology.

America Camping Explorers know that having a checklist is one of the most important pieces of information to review before going camping. A checklist is helpful in keeping you organized and possible ensuring equipment is not forgotten at home or at the campsite. There is nothing worse than getting to a site after a long journey, and unpacking to find you’ve forgotten the tent.

This comprehensive camping checklist will help you keep focus on the item for camping. You can forget items or bring unnecessary items without a checklist. The checklist may have items on it that you might not through of bring.

You may not need everything on the list. It is a comprehensive camping checklist intended to include everything you might need, so you do not have to take everything on it. You can modify this list for the needs of your camping experience. You can remove items or add items. You can make several camping list. One list can be for a weekend trip, one list for a week trip. One can be for the summer and another for the winter. You can make a list for backpacking, car camping, trailer or motorhome camping. It all depends on what you want for camping trip. Use this checklist as a template to get started.

If it’s your first time camping, you can use items in your home in place of some camping items. Blankets can be used instead if a sleeping bag. You can borrow or rent some of these things. If you start to camp regularly, you will begin to buy equipment just for camping.

If you have children coming along they might want to bring specific items. Place the responsibilities on them to pack their own personal gear in a backpack. This will limit them to what they can bring and teach them to make the best choice in what they need during packing. Having their own checklist will keep them excited and focus on the trip

You can use the America Camping Xplorers comprehensive camping checklist (downloadable) to make sure you do not forget anything you might need for camping.

Remember to check off the item as you stow it away in your backpack, car, trailer or motorhome.

Put an initial in the check box as you actually load gather and load them. This will help ensure you do not leave home without an item.

During your trip you can remember what you need and don’t need for the next trip by writing it down in a notebook. If there is something that you think we should put on our list, please let us know.

Free downloadable America Camping Xplorers comprehensive camping checklist below.

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