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About Us

Our Reason

Anderson and Lanae have been camping throughout the United States for over ten years. They notice when searching for information about camping was not an easy task. There are websites that have lots of information on different subjects and products related to camping and outdoor activities. To help elevate their task in searching for camping information they created:

America Camping Xplores (

Our Mission

To provide an easy pathway of camping information that can help and address the needs of campers who are looking for the camping experience of their dreams.

Our Vision

A website for campers and outdoor adventures (i.e., backpacking, car camping, rv/motor home camping, cabin camping, and glamping). It is a beginning reference and information site about camping, camping products, and outdoor activities related to camping.


Representatives Vision

  • A reference and information website for backpackers, tent campers, car camper, recreational vehicle/motorhome campers, hikers and outdoor

  • You can buy quality and low-cost camping and outdoor related products.

  • For campers who visit and learn about historical sites and places of interest along the highways and byways of America.

  • For campers to promote businesses such as diners, novelty gift shops and other establishments on their travels.

  • A questionnaire to evaluate campers experience at any national forest/state or any other campground.

  • To use your experience to help other on their outdoor adventure

  • Respect nature as it shows us the wondrous beauty of the wilderness and the spirit nature of the lands.

  • A blog for answering your entire camping and outdoor related question.

  • A place for the first time camper, the camper who haven’t camped for some time or the camper who just wants new ideal for camping activities.

  • We are campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Anyone can be an America Camping Xplorer.

  • We represent the true essence of a camper/outdoor enthusiasts.

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